BlueChip forest services
Resource Inventory

BlueChip forest services is an independent forestry consultancy providing services to landowners, corporate and industrial forestry owners, community bodies and government agencies.


Key competency areas are project management, complex forest resource planning, investment analysis, forest growth & yield modelling.


Expert services are available for native forest and plantations, including  

  • technical, planning and financial aspects of forestry
  • ecological and economic assessment of natural resource projects
  • linear programming and heuristics for multi-enterprise optimisation and yield scheduling
  • natural resource benefit-cost analysis and economic multi-criteria analysis
  • economic impact assessment via regional input/output analysis
  • cost-effective multi-attribute inventory of forest resources
  • forest management planning and inventory, including GIS-based analysis
  • land-use, soils, and botany (incl. rainforest) surveys and reporting
  • vegetation survey and multivariate pattern analysis
  • data analysis and reporting
  • budgeting and discounted cash flow analysis
  • farm/community forestry extension, seminar and workshop presentations
  • reforestation, agroforestry, fodder and fuelwood trees

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Forest growth & yield models:-