Selected Projects & Publications

BlueChip Forestry Services [A. Jay] (2010) Forest inventory assessment : Forest Inventory example Native hardwood forest yield report for private property owner

BlueChip Forestry Services [A. Jay] (2008) Using Google Earth for resource mapping.  Workshops conducted for : Northern Inland Forestry Investment Group Armidale NSW, Mid North Coast Farm Foresters Macksville NSW, Master Tree Growers program Dorrigo NSW

BlueChip Forestry Services [A. Jay] (2008) Prickly Acacia BioEnergy Project : Pre-feasibility Assessment and Biomass estimation. Report to Domain Capital Melbourne

Jay A (2008) A Future for PNF: Outcomes oriented silviculture for sustainability  Presentation to southeast Quensland Forest sustainabilty workshop, Gympie

BlueChip Forestry Services [A. Jay] (2008) Northern Inland Private Softwood Resource and Market Opportunities. Report to Northern Inland Forestry Investment Group Armidale NSW

BlueChip Forestry Services [A. Jay] (2007) Private Native Forest Resource Inventory and Mapping NSW Mid North Coast Report to Mid North Coast Regional Development Board 

BlueChip Forestry Services, Centre for Agricultural and Regional Economics Pty Ltd, Northern Rivers Private Forestry & Southern Cross University  (2007)  Review of the Draft Code of Practice for Private Native Forestry in NSW Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) Project PR07.4024 PNF Code review

Jay A,  J. D Nichols and J.K. Vanclay (2007) Social and ecological issues for private native forestry in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia.  Small Scale Forestry 6:115-126 (Springer) http://epubs.scu.edu.au/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1030&context=esm_pubs

Jay A (2007)  Optimising silviculture in mixed species mixed age native eucalypt forests of northeast NSW. Proc  Institute of Foresters of Australia Conference Coffs Harbour NSW June 2007

Jay A (2009)  Sustainable Private Native Forestry  I.  Sustainability index measures on private native forestry sites in northeast NSW : Habitat value and timber productivity  II. EUCAMIX a silvicultural decision support tool for mixed species multi-age private native forestry in northeast NSW.   Joint Venture Agroforestry Program  RIRDC Project No USC-8A https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/items/09-030

Jay A. and R.Meynink (2007) TreeToP , A flexible plantation growth and yield model  Excel model and work undertaken for MBAC consultants FWPA PN07.4023

Jay A, R. Dyason and M. Combe (2006) Private Native Forestry Landholder best practice training and planning.  Project undertaken for Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority NSW :  20,000 ha and 60 landholders in 5 regional workshop locations

Thompson, David, Jay, Alex, Connell, Mike, Norman, Phil and Vanclay, Jerome K. (2006). Private Native Forestry: Silviculture, Sustainability and Incentives for Vegetation Management. In: Veg Futures '06, Albury, NSW  20-22 March, 2006.  http://espace.library.uq.edu.au/view/UQ:8041

Jay A 2006  Analysis of stand and regional level Code of Practice regulatory options . Unpublished report to DIPNR Grafton NSW

Jay A., D.Sharpe, D.Nichols and J. Vanclay (2009) Sustainable Private Native Forestry: A Review of Timber Production,  Biodiversity and Soil and Water  Indicators, and Their Applicability to Northeast NSW Joint Venture Agroforestry Program  RIRDC Project No USC-8A https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/items/09-022

Jay A (2005) Carbon calculator model. http://www.australianforestcorporation.com.au/CO2calc/ (posted on line by W. Smart)

Jay A (2001) Paulownia plantation experiences and profitable timber production. Paper presented to Australian Forest Growers Conference Lismore NSW 6-9 July 1998  (Revised Sept 2000)

Jay A (1999) Bluegums: How many trees to plant and when to harvest?  Australian Forest Grower Autumn 1999 v22(1) pp8-11 (article , pdf charts file)

Jay A. (1999) Emerging Opportunities in Agriculture : Paulownia, an emerging forestry opportunity New Crops newsletter 11(1) http://www.newcrops.uq.edu.au/newslett/ncn11187.htm

Jay A (1991) The biology and management of Coastal Fontainea in NSW.  Species Recovery Plan No 3 NPWS Alstonville NSW (plus co-authorship on 4 other rare rainforest species recovery plans)