Kiri Forestry Enterprises


Kiri Forestry Enterprises Pty Ltd has identified a major forestry program potential in Australia and other countries, based on a fast-growing deciduous hardwood tree; the Paulownia or "Kiri".

Kiri trees are native to China, and produce light-weight straw-coloured wood which is suitable for appearance-grade end-uses such as furniture and interior mouldings. In these applications, it will substitute for rainforest timbers currently being harvested using non-sustainable practices in South-East Asia.

The best growing sites for Kiri are in the subtropics to tropic zones with hot wet summers and cool dry winters, on soils that are freely draining. However the species can be grown in a wide range of locations, with appropriate selection of varieties and site-specific management techniques.

We are specialists in providing and managing the Kiri tree, and have undertaken many years of research and breeding selection to provide a range of clones with superior growth and timber production characteristics.

Our aim is to provide high quality selected genotypes of Kiri and other fast-growing hardwood trees to clients in all areas of the world, supported by the necessary forestry management and advisory services to ensure that these tree products achieve their best possible value for you, the client.